Scandinavian-inspired Granny Cushion

Close up of cool-but-warm cushion cover

Hello everyone! It’s been pretty busy in my neck of the woods lately, so I’m just popping up a quick post to let you know that Yes, I am still alive. I’ve been working on a few cushion covers in amongst other life happenings and that one above is my favourite.

Wintery corner

I love this colour combination. It’s kind of “Snow Covered Norwegian Forest” meets “Sparkling Finnish Lake”. (There is a touch of “Windswept Cottage on the Rugged Cornwall Coast” in there too, but that’s not so Nordic.)

OK… terribly short post but more coming soon! x



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2 responses to “Scandinavian-inspired Granny Cushion

  1. Hello Erin!
    I found your blog via Retro Pottery, and it is interesting with you two, so fascinated by Scandinavia, nature, crafts and pottery;-). It warms my heart, being a Norwegian.
    I have just started my own blog about Bjorre Norwegian pottery, since my grandfather was one of the founders and my father was a decorator at Bjorre.
    I have a collection of about 50 pieces and my sister have more than 70. You can see the whole collections on facebook “Bjørre Norsk Keramikk”.
    On the blog I have posted some old pictures from the production, but not yet got time to have many pictures from the collection. Please have a look.
    I would like to connect your blog to mine, if you don`t mind!
    Best regards
    Pål Mathiesen

    • Hello Pal! (I don’t have that little circle on my keyboard.)
      So great to get your comment. Sorry for such a long time before replying–but yes, I would love to connect our blogs and now I am going to see if I can find your Bjorre collections on Facebook.

      I’m looking forward to being a lot more active with my blog again, and would love to keep in touch. -E

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