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Marimekko in the kitchen

Well it’s been tres busy up here on the mountain lately. O and I have been working our little butts off in prep for the baby coming in December. That hasn’t stopped the flowers blooming of course (or the weeds growing — yikes) and I happened to pick a very lovely Rhododendron the other day. It’s still sitting perfectly on our little kitchen table, which is covered with (you guessed it): Marimekko fabric. This one is a Maija Isola orginal in a new colourway by Kristina Isola. “Tulipunainen” 1960/2000. I think this is one of my oldest Marimekko fabrics. I’ve got a few squirreled away in the cupboard here, just waiting for that big empty wall on which to display them in all their Scandinavian glory! I’ll have to take pics of them and make Marimekko post of it.

Before I head off, I’m also attaching a pic of our house one recent chilly morning. There was very low cloud and you could hardly see 10 metres in front of you. It was quite beautiful! I think we were in the clouds actually. We’re high enough up here. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for another dose of Nordic appreciation coming soon! x

Foggy morning up on the Mountain

Rhododendron on "Tulipunainen" Marimekko


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Finnish summer flowers

Happy New Year to everyone following my blog. At this stage I think that number is One (thanks sis) but not to worry… it’s good to have the chance to find my Blog Feet without a lot of people watching! I have so many ideas for what I would like this blog to do… but the main aim is to inspire other people and make them feel joy.

So, on the subject of Joy, let me share something Nordic-ly Wonderful with you.

Flowers. I took this pic on my last trip to Finland, at the family home of my brother-in-law. His mum had picked these flowers from the garden and just put them in a big old jar. That’s something I really love about Nordic countries: their winters are so cold and dark that summer is just like one big celebration of nature. My experience has been that Flowers are Big. And I completely understand! Flowers are beautiful at any time, but when your outdoors are covered in snow for several months… summer flowers are just wonderful.

Helsinki summer flowers

The flowers are so delicate! I find that the Australian sun is so hot that our plants have to be a little more hardy. Here’s a particularly robust little specimen from a pot on my balcony, just after a storm.

after a big storm

Oh, I just remembered something very Scandinavian about that plant above… I bought it from IKEA! It’s total serendipity! :  )

Blooms in their natural state, Helsinki


back garden lovelies, Helsinki

Geraniums are very big on windowsills over in Finland and you can see why. Their colour is amazing. This one was taken in the back garden, with Summer Nature in full swing. There was also another precious little find in the same garden…


My little niece testing out the summer grass

My niece! What a little cutie. Just getting to know the glorious feeling of Feet in Grass. This pic was taken last year, so she’s a bit older now, but no less of a cutie-pie.

Well, that’s all for this morning on flowers and grass and little nieces. I could go on and on about flowers but I’ll save that for another time. I can feel a crochet update coming on soon, so stay tuned. And I plan to bring you lots more Wonderful things about Scandinavia, too. Bye for now xx

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