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Finnish winter footsteps

This little post is what I’ve just decided to call a Top Up post. It’s the post you … er, post, when you’re flat out busy with life but you need to keep your faithful followers sustained with an essential dose of life-giving Scandinavianness. Nordicly Wonderful things might not be the elixir of life, but they certainly come close.

So, dear followers (yes, all three of you at the moment, but it’s early days) may I present one of my favourite photos EVER, taken a few winters past, in Finland, by my talented sister M. Here it is:

Divine snowiness in Finland

How. About. That.

Can you see the footprints? What a beauty.

Righto, well I’m flat out, so I have to leave this alone for the moment. I’ve got so much that I want to blog about, too… my crochet, my new bike, and all the fantastic and inspiring Nordic Blogs that I’ve been discovering lately. I can’t read most of them, but WOW are they great to look at.

Until next time, hang in there and listen to some ABBA if you’re Nordicly starved. It always works for me. (Can you hear the drums Fernando?…) xx


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Sunshine at last!

Yay! It’s finally stopped raining! As you might of heard, we’ve been getting some serious rain action on the East Coast of Australia lately. But today the sun has come out. So I think I’m going to introduce something new to this blog (which I’ve been hankering to introduce for a few days now…) ┬áMy plants!

But before I do, here is a beautiful pic I took in Finland not long ago. We were having a wonderful family picnic at the time, and the sea was dazzling. Oh, and the air was non-humid and fresh. You know, in that Scandinavian way. I like the sunshiney-ness of this photo. (How about that: an Australian swooning over the sunshine in Helsinki. That’s how much it’s been raining!!)

Helsinki in summer, looking out over the Gulf of Finland... so twinkly!

OK, so now to my little plants. They’re very exciting! That might sound crazy but wait until you hear what I’m on about. A few months ago, I was reading up about Raw Food in that Sun Food Diet Success System book by David Wolfe (very interesting by the way) and I had a Big Idea from out of nowhere. Why don’t I plant a few Goji Berries? So I did. I haven’t seen a Goji tree for sale anywhere in any Australian nursery, so I thought I should definitely give it a go. Here’s how it went:

Goji berries come to life!

This was taken on December 22. I transplanted a few bundles of Goji seedlings into separate pots because they were rapidly outgrowing the seedling tray. I did this with a little teapsoon but it was quite difficult actually separating the plants because they’re roots were all interwoven. Still, they seem to have survived:

Goji seedlings in their expansive new home

I’ll keep you posted on the Gojis. I hope they grow into strong trees because Goji berries are pretty good for you, so I’ve heard! I like to eat them, anyway. Also, can you see this pot sitting in water? That’s how much rain we’ve been getting. Not even enough time to get out and tip the water before more arrives. Here are some more pics of my gardening adventures (carried out on my ultra small balcony, I’m afraid).

I like to use Eden seeds where I can because they have a good organic range

And just a short while later…

The Rocket rears it's head! Yay Rocket!

They’re tiny, but can you see those robust little rocket shoots poking through the earth?

and most of the seedlings take off!

The Lebanese Cucumbers were definitely the over-achievers of the group and I quickly had to move them to a larger pot. I put stakes in, because they climb, and I used some wired Christmas ribbon to make the tops of the stakes ultra visible. I call them my Anti-Eye-Poked-Out safety devices. (Have you ever bent down to a pot and nearly collected a stake in your eye? You’ll know what I mean.)

Lebanese cucumber on my balcony, just seedlings

More gardening updates soon. I can’t spend too much more time on this blog this morning because I sense clouds coming over again and I want to get outside while I can! I’m going to leave you with a bit more colour: some locals who came to visit me on my balcony a few days ago…. bye for now! x

These two Rainbow Lorikeets came in to say hello...

...and to give each other a bit of grooming in those hard-to-reach places!

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Scandinavian-inspired cosiness

As you know, I’ve been bursting with blog ideas for a few weeks, so I have to track back a bit now and fill you in on what I’ve been up to. Crochet has been big in my world. After discovering the Wonderful ‘Attic24’ blog by Lucy, I’ve been soooo inspired to crochet that I decided to make a rug to give my 2-year-old niece for Christmas. Said rug has now been successfully delivered (pics of that exciting moment to come!) but I was documenting the whole thing along the way, and here are a few work-in-progress pics… (oh and if you’re wondering what crochet has to do with Scandinavia, I tend to think that Cosiness=Winter in Somewhere Cold. Like Finland, Norway, Denmark or Sweden. And crochet definitely = cosiness. So there you go!)

One of mum's old coffee mugs plus the Granny Square Blanket before it was all sewn up

Also, while I was in Crochet Land, we happened to have a particularly exciting storm in the neighbourhood. I love storms. Especially those wild electrical ones. Of course, I wouldn’t want to be on the wrong end of a bolt of lightning, but they definitely add a bit of high action to the day.

Just one of the local storms we have at this time of year

The rain was incredibly pounding, but when the sun came out afterwards, it was magic.

Storm in full swing

Absolutely perfect weather for a bit of crochet

And the sun breaks through the cloud and the world rejoices!

Look at my gorgeous aloe vera, it is just LOVING the sunshine!

That’s all for now. I have one or two more post-storm pics that I’d love to share with you, but boyfriend O just arrived home with hot chicken dinner so they’ll have to wait until next time! See you then! x

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