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Mist, Marimekko and Purple Carrots

Mist or cloud? Is it the same thing...?

This was taken a week or so ago, when I went for an early morning walk. Luckily, I’d decided the night before that I was definitely going for a walk the next day, so I wasn’t put off when it was all misty outside. And I took my camera with me… Hurrah! It was so beautiful and still. It gets quite misty up here some mornings… although it’s probably just low cloud. Anyway, here are a few pics of my morning adventures…

Looking up to the gum trees

Patiently waiting for letters

Someone's been busy...

Scotland in Australia

Big old giant

Colour has been catching my eye a lot during the last week or so. Purple carrots, purple lavender (in my new terracotta pot — I love it, so Mediterranean!) and the ultra green parsley from my garden…

Lovely lavender outside the cottage

Purple carrots on one of my beloved Marimekko tea towels (bear detail)

Carrots by Mother Earth, Marimekko by... well, you can read it there!

Random flash of green on the kitchen bench


Phew. It takes a while to upload those photos. I must have too much on my computer! Well, signing off now. I think this is going to be one of those posts where pictures speak louder than words. Promise to send some more wonderfully nordic things your way soon… x


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Scandinavian-inspired Granny Cushion

Close up of cool-but-warm cushion cover

Hello everyone! It’s been pretty busy in my neck of the woods lately, so I’m just popping up a quick post to let you know that Yes, I am still alive. I’ve been working on a few cushion covers in amongst other life happenings and that one above is my favourite.

Wintery corner

I love this colour combination. It’s kind of “Snow Covered Norwegian Forest” meets “Sparkling Finnish Lake”. (There is a touch of “Windswept Cottage on the Rugged Cornwall Coast” in there too, but that’s not so Nordic.)

OK… terribly short post but more coming soon! x


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