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Marimekko in the kitchen

Well it’s been tres busy up here on the mountain lately. O and I have been working our little butts off in prep for the baby coming in December. That hasn’t stopped the flowers blooming of course (or the weeds growing — yikes) and I happened to pick a very lovely Rhododendron the other day. It’s still sitting perfectly on our little kitchen table, which is covered with (you guessed it): Marimekko fabric. This one is a Maija Isola orginal in a new colourway by Kristina Isola. “Tulipunainen” 1960/2000. I think this is one of my oldest Marimekko fabrics. I’ve got a few squirreled away in the cupboard here, just waiting for that big empty wall on which to display them in all their Scandinavian glory! I’ll have to take pics of them and make Marimekko post of it.

Before I head off, I’m also attaching a pic of our house one recent chilly morning. There was very low cloud and you could hardly see 10 metres in front of you. It was quite beautiful! I think we were in the clouds actually. We’re high enough up here. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for another dose of Nordic appreciation coming soon! x

Foggy morning up on the Mountain

Rhododendron on "Tulipunainen" Marimekko


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